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Comments From Prisoners TO P.A.U.L.

1st message
“I am so grateful for you opening up your house to my kids. Thank you so much! My daily goals consist of making the right choices and be the best version of myself in the eyes of the God. I have been alright and better now after seeing them. I can’t wait! In a couple of weeks I will send you a list for a food box if thats cool still. I hope you have a good weekend and will talk to you later – Ryan”

2nd message
“Ana, sorry I really just needed to say it again! Thank You! For everything this really melted my heart…..Ryan”

Diane S.
“Just checking in to say hi and let you know I’m thinking of you. Always. I hope you and Joe are well. How are things on the work front for you? I know whatever decision you make going forward it will be the right one. Whether you decide to change jobs or not.

I let London know that you were going to check about DeAndre’s food box. She wasn’t sure if he ever received one or not because he had went to quarantine about that time period because he had covid.
Thank you for PAUL and all that you do for all of us Ana. Especially with reaching out on J-Pay and cards and letters. It means so much to so many.”

“Hi Ana thank you for reaching out to me. my new bunky is looking for spiritual guidance and the church to right him his name Chris

Hello my name is Christopher Lee Tyree I’m 27 turning 28 in June I was wondering if I can write you as a spiritual friend I grew up southern Baptist and attended ecorse Baptist temple a Christian school Brad has told me that you had a son that was in prison and that you know how it is to be a parent that has someone you love doing time behind these walls and gates I grew up a single child with only my mom who has died from cancer I have a son named Bentley he is 7 turning 8 in may and as a father away from his only son I don’t know how to approach the subject that I did wrong and ended up away his whole life sometimes my temper gets the best of me and I fight and I miss my mom she was my support system when she was alive and now I look for guldens from some one who knows how to cope with having to do time along with their love one well I hope to hear back my name is Christopher Tyree #855524″

“How have you been lately ? I hope allies well for you at home life and work life 🙂 I’ve been pretty good now that I got over covid and out of quarantine lol its was a long 16 days lol I’m back on my work out and reading routine to keep my mind right and ready to be out on parole I’m still waiting on the papers.:( its got to be a positive note after this long… you’re in my prayers”

“hey, thank you for the encouragement. i dont know if i can do this job for too much longer. i be in a lot of pain. due to me getting shot in my spine. im not sure if i told you that but i be having muscle spasms and pain in my legs and my back. i constantly pray about it. i need to work out more. over the last four months i slowed down working out. but i hope in the near future that i will pick back up doing so. so you said that you try to have your sons working hard and having good work ethics. how many sons do you have? i dont have any children i wish i did though. and your right about deandre he’s one to not respond so quickly. i finally wrote him a week and a half ago just to send him some words. we barely write. i wish our relationship were alot closer. well it was nice to write you once again. and i thank you for being in my life. oh happy valentines day to you. talk to you soon… God Bless”

“Thank you for sending the book I got it this past week and started reading it. So far it is very good. Also classes just started back up today! Now I’m sure that I will have both classes complete by my ERD in July. I go see the parole board at the beginning of the month I believe on the 2nd.

Please keep me in your prayers and hopefully, we get good news saying that I can go home in July! Fingers crossed! I hope that you have a great rest of your week and I will try to give you a call soon.”

“Ana, I just received the book you ordered me!!!! i absolutely love it, it’s going to give me the tools I need to complete my mission and it has so many extra things in it!!! thank you so much I appreciate it ill let you know from time to time how it’s going with my studies”

“I just tested positive for covid,I had to be in a temporary 10day quarantine unit.105 of us. People are still dying at this prison, covid or something?

I feel better, I got a letter from a woman at your church, I love and appreciate all the mail and gods brightens the days. congrats on the job switch.

Gods got up. Full trust in his plan. Just let our life happen. Make good moves for him. And we will be provided for.

Take care,be safe – cheyne”

“I received the shoes..thank you so much for getting them..I pray that you and your family are well..I know that loss can be painful so I will end by saying that no matter what may transpire in our lives..God has a plan and a purpose for everything.

Thank you again..Daniel”